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Menses : A woman ought not to has actually sexual relationships that have men while in the the period or she’ll infect your

Menses : A woman ought not to has actually sexual relationships that have men while in the the period or she’ll infect your

not, some anxiety nonetheless is present and also the variety regarding mythology related their unique do nothing to help relieve their attention. I’ve compiled a small attempt of mythology that people receive very strongly related our material, a few of these are going to be taken into consideration when training in order to Hispanic pupils, in addition to professor should be happy to tackle them.

Virginity : You will find a serpent, native to Puerto Rico, a big, quick serpent you to periods someone however, wouldn’t touch virgins. It will merely change out and you will return to the sphere whenever an excellent virgin crosses its roadway.

Which poetic misconception, much like the European myth of one’s Unicorn (which can only just feel tamed by good virgin), is trait of your own Cult of the Virgin very popular inside Catholic societies. The new girls themselves are usually baptized for the labels away from new Virgin: Maria de los Milagros, Mary of your Marvels; Maria de- los Dolores, Mary of your Pains; Maria del Rosario, Mary of the Rosary; Maria de las Mercedes, Mary of your Graces, etcetera . . .

All people possess a version of the myth, one way or another the content is almost always the same: ladies are impure throughout their months.

Maternity : Food appetite need to be indulged and/or baby might guams Еѕene be created having delivery scratches. In the event that a woman craves light rice her child might be produced having a white direct, if she desires coffees he’ll become born having a black colored lead.

This uncommon misconception is actually explained by simple fact that of several tones out-of facial skin are in an identical members of the family, and you can family genes is also well enjoy methods and produce a white-skinned child away from dark-skinned moms and dads otherwise vice-versa.

A young pregnant woman have to never ridicule good deformed otherwise disabled people or their own baby could well be born in the same way.

It probably stems from the belief that it is advisable to possess boys than girls, which, because they’re getting saw so cautiously, be a little more problems. It is almost analytical that anything best shall be more challenging to score!

This really is an overstated sort of the new post-partum organization, but may never be just like the outrageous as it basic looks. These types of women’s had swarms from people and needed most of the sensitive loving proper care they could score after the delivery from an alternate child.

Christopher to their dash, other people don a combination to help you Pursue the fresh new devil or vampires or what perhaps you have

Throughout the 40 months shortly after her delivery a lady is always to stay in bed and get given poultry broth and you can malt beer (a non-alcoholic beverage).

Broth is believed so you can support the best part from restaurants, it’s said to be the essential wholesome, much more healthy versus beef by itself.

Circumcision : Puerto Ricans are vehemently up against they and associate it with the loss of brand new virginity towards girls.

An infant should wear one among them appeal as he is extremely sensitive and thus pleasant that he commonly delight jealousy and you will attention the brand new evil vision

Belly Bands : Although this habit is disappearing due to the fact stomach bands are hard so you can select, you never know exactly what an overzealous granny normally think of: Tummy bands was in fact covered firmly inside the navel area of a beneficial infant “to cease hernias” nonetheless they never ever performed certainly not steer clear of the navel away from recovery securely.

The latest Black Brick : Usually worn to your a bracelet or a good neckchain, the new appeal takes the form of good clenched thumb created from black colored brick. It is supposed to reduce the chances of evil spirits and you will counteracts this new outcomes of the latest worst eye.

Which misconception isn’t you need to take gently; all of us have all of our nothing superstitions. Particular couldn’t drive instead St. Speaking of little things and threshold is the greatest approach.


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