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Each day the latest trusted slave questioned how he would know which girl are definitely the best one

Each day the latest trusted slave questioned how he would know which girl are definitely the best one

The main steward and his awesome boys become the newest long journey so you’re able to Mesopotamia with ten camels carrying terms and you can presents having Isaac’s upcoming bride and her members of the family, whoever she would-be.

Ultimately the new caravan attained the last destination: the metropolis of Nahor. It avoided to help you other people, a team of sick, dusty herdsmen and you can 10 thirsty camels. What happens now? brand new servant wondered when he dismounted and you will endured by the regional really.

Recalling Abraham’s warranty that the Lord Jesus would upload an enthusiastic angel to help you direct his means, he chose to pray. Exactly what he requisite por quГ© a las mujeres Macedonia les gustan los hombres blancos is divine pointers. He prayed, “O LORD God of my personal master Abraham, please promote me profits this very day, and show generosity to my learn Abraham. View, right here I uphold the fresh well of liquids, therefore the girl of your people of area are arriving out over draw-water. Now let it be your girl so you’re able to exactly who We say, ‘Excite dissatisfied the pitcher which i will get take in,’ and you may she states, ‘Take in, and i will also give the camels a good drink’-let her function as you to definitely You may have designated for the servant Isaac. And by so it I will remember that You’ve got shown kindness on my learn” (passages twelve-14). Just before he had been even over praying, a young girl seemed having a pitcher on her behalf neck.

The beautiful Rebekah

The guy spotted quietly given that she went down towards better, occupied the girl ship with h2o, and you will returned right up. Could she be the you to definitely? Quickly he contacted the woman and you may asked, “Please, may i take in a small drinking water out of your pitcher?”

“Delight take in, my personal lord,” the beautiful girl responded. Shortly after he previously inebriated his complete, she first started attracting h2o for everybody off their camels too. the father is actually answering his prayer in only the way the slave had questioned. Now one matter stayed. Manage she become happy to log off her family and nearest and dearest in order to marry Isaac and you can reside in a different homes?

Pause to own imagine: Simply how much liquids you think a dehydrated camel you will drink? One gallon? Ten gallons? Thirty gallons? NationalGeographic claims one to a very thirsty camel can also be take in 31 gallons away from liquids within just 13 minutes! Imagine exactly how many travel the young woman made on the really and you may back once again to fulfill the thirst off 10 camels. (If you prefer to see camels consuming, see YouTube and appearance for “camels h2o.”) How much does this step let you know about the type of individual Rebekah try? Select one or even more of your own following attributes and you can explain the choice(s). Do you consider Rebekah are timid, respectful, idle, weakened, of good use, good, grumpy, active?

Meeting the family

The slave offered the young lady a golden earring and you may silver necklaces, the original of numerous merchandise to own a proposed fiance, and questioned, “Whoever dily provides place for us so you can resort for some time?”

Rebekah rapidly answered, “I am Rebekah. My father is actually Bethuel, Nahor’s son. And we has actually more than enough room and you can dinner for you and you can your men and you will straw for your camels.”

Once again this new Lord’s hands is obvious, together with slave bowed his head and you will prayed, “Blessed be the LORD God from my personal learn Abraham, that has maybe not forsaken Their mercy and his truth towards my master. As for me personally, becoming on the way, god contributed us to the house regarding my personal master’s brethren. So that the girl ran and you may shared with her mom’s household this type of things” (passages 27-28).

Stop to possess thought: Turn-in the Bible so you’re able to Genesis -23. Who’s Nahor? Exactly what relation is Rebekah so you’re able to Abraham? God is actually making certain that Their guarantees would remain in Abraham’s family members and you will benefit his descendants. Could you think of why Abraham obtained these types of promises? Every thing started in Genesis a dozen:1-2.


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