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Although not, into the Agitate Halation Arch, she returned to this lady previous outbursts relationships towards your

Although not, into the Agitate Halation Arch, she returned to this lady previous outbursts relationships towards your

Touma does not believe that she need to have from possible for her strategies in the past and you can thoroughly believes she is to face a good demo, but the guy does not want to enable the lady getting savagely killed when you look at the the name of your Alliance’s fairness. Immediately after to be partners, he will get slightly amicable and you may common toward Othinus, adequate that this lady has in order to continuously encourage him you to definitely this woman is an effective god which he should not exercise. On book, Touma and you will Othinus produce a keen unbreakable bond in which they rely upon one another, because the talked about whenever Touma face Silvia and you may Brunhild and eventually when he saves Othinus.

Ollerus states that if often Touma or Othinus died during the front of one various other, many alter might happen, having Touma switching their characteristics and you can Othinus to get a beast far a great deal more horrible than she is actually before.

Mikoto had an effective crush on the Touma for some time but she realized that she got dropped in love with him near the termination of the fresh Acqua of Straight back Arch

One of every characters in the collection, Othinus can be perhaps qualify since closest to Touma, will insisting in order to level along with Touma within his purse after are faster, in spite of the risk, offering your suggestions from inside the not only in this new matters off miracle and also showing-off just how much she understands Touma’s characteristics In reality, each other Touma and you may Othinus herself keeps referenced its dating because the their are Touma’s Understander ( ??? , Rikai-sha ? ) .

Misaka Mikoto

Touma very first came across Mikoto whenever she was being harassed by delinquents and you will, unaware of the woman Peak 5 nature, he attempted to save yourself this lady. He accidentally generated the lady upset, which resulted in the girl frying all the delinquents herself. [32] The guy easily finds out away from their mistake, plus in the first scene regarding List collection the guy tries to save additional delinquents out-of the girl. [33] The guy certainly cares on her behalf since the revealed from inside the Siblings Arc, when he prevented this lady out-of making an application for by herself murdered and you will consoled the woman when she cried. Mikoto was one of the primary individuals get a hold of Touma’s memory loss, albeit by accident. [ citation needed ]

Because the realizing her feelings, Mikoto has been happy to get involved in Touma’s lifetime, seeking help save him through the Globe Conflict III and you may choosing your to help you Hawaii when you look at the Hawaiian Attack Arc. Into the second event, she together with experimented with start a romantic relationship with him, even in the event she supported of trying to provide your a band she bought. At the end of the newest Hawaiian Attack Arc, Mikoto told Touma you to definitely she’ll incur his burdens with him which they are not alone. Touma try grateful for just what Mikoto told you, but he thought that he may not allow her to score wrapped up inside the trouble. When he returned to Academy Urban area which will be quickly involved during the a dangerous disease, she recognized you to definitely Touma can not be stored back into his steps, and certainly will assistance him in his endeavours whether or not these people were dangerous. She describes it as an indication of being an effective “an excellent woman”. [ citation required ] Regarding the Magic God Othinus Arch, Mikoto faces into the Touma’s ideals from inside the securing Othinus and retaining the new “prime business.” Even after his pleas, she cannot believe his declare babylon escort Fort Lauderdale that a scene versus your would erase the sins associated with him. Informing Touma not to getting limited by meaningless beliefs, and you can incur the weight out-of the lady future and you may half a dozen million anyone. Which have a grin, Mikoto gives Touma a hug, and you can shocks which have him with her fuel, and make your reduce awareness. Aside from eventually conquering Touma at his games, Mikoto feels the girl profit was empty.


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